In-depth survey of retailers, October and December 2019

In-depth survey of retailers in Accra (205 respondents), Kumasi (200 respondents) and Tamale (160 respondents) markets. Status: completed – data analysis in progress.

The data collected through the survey will help us understand the linkages between the food retail sector and the consumers, as well as with the up-stream links of the food value chains they engage in. Information about retailers’ knowledge associated with food preservation, storage and safety are a focus point in this survey.

The butcher’s delivery track, Tamale central market
A section of the Aboabu market (close to the famous Tamale central market)
Enumerator at work in the busy and crowded Accra street food market
Food vendor in Accra: the open drainage system running along the open kitchen illustrates some of the hygiene issues in the urban food system

Tomato retailers, Accra. The picture illustrates a common sanitation issue in the urban open markets: the drainage system is only partly covered, in many places by the retailers (see the wooden pallets at the front), and used simultaneously as deposit for waste (which then clog up the drainage) and as retail surface.