This page will be updated regularly as research activities are conducted. For information a draft work plan is provided:

Latest Activities

Food safety analysis in the lab, January 2020

Sampling and laboratory analysis of the food safety for key products in the Accra open market area for selected key food items – tomatoes, maize, groundnuts and cabbage. (Status: in progress)

These tests will provide information about the potential impacts of the market environment and of the retailers’ practices on the safety of the food products. This information is then matched with reported knowledge, food practices and preparations at the household level. Tests include enumeration and microbiological tests for the detection of coliform, entero bacterial, salmonella, and staphylococcal contamination, as well as for the presence of Aflatoxins in the maize and groundnut samples.

First round of household survey, December 2019

First round of the household survey on food consumption, dietary diversity, nutrition, and knowledge about food safety in Accra, Kumasi and Tamale. Status: completed – data validation and cleaning in progress, second round scheduled for April-May 2020.

In-depth survey of retailers, October and December 2019

In-depth survey of retailers in Accra (205 respondents), Kumasi (200 respondents) and Tamale (160 respondents) markets. Status: completed – data analysis in progress.

The data collected through the survey will help us understand the linkages between the food retail sector and the consumers, as well as with the up-stream links of the food value chains they engage in. Information about retailers’ knowledge associated with food preservation, storage and safety are a focus point in this survey.

Spatial survey of the local stakeholders in Accra, Sept 2019

Spatial survey of the local stakeholders of the food system in Accra’s Makola and Agbogbloshie food markets. The short survey aimed at mapping and characterizing the retailers. One thousand stakeholders were surveyed, selected according to a random-walk technique along the market area and adjacent streets, every fifth business being selected. Status: completed – report in drafting